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Baden Town Home Garage project, Germany
1MW PV Off-grid System Power Park, Port San Antonio, Chile
Self-governing University teaching buidling 100KW PV off-grid system, Mexico
1KW PV Solar Power System for Home Use, Philippine
Solar Traffic Signs and Lights, India

Solar Road Closure

Street Sign

Solar Road Diversion

Solar Speed Limit

Solar Traffic Light 1

Solar Traffic Light 2
One seat Solar Electric Golf Car, Malaysia
25KW PV PV Power Supply System, Base Station, Inner Mongolia, China
Household PV system project, Hunan, China
Communication system, Cape Town, South Africa
Independent Street light & portable power, Tokyo, Japan
Lithium Power battery used for EV, forklift,trailer, power supply, Australia
Electric underwater vehicle, Southampton, UK
Storage station, EV, RV application, USA
The above is only part of our project for reference.